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Lekker (adjective. Meaning

extremely good; pleasant)

Have you ever heard the phrase “local is lekker”? Well, that’s exactly what we are. We consider ourselves Cape Town specialists with insight into everything the city has to offer. We don’t just sell Cape Town accommodation. We live and breathe Cape Town, and we want you to experience the Cape Town we know and love.

We established the “Lekker Cape Town” brand to assist enthusiastic travelers experience the city to the fullest. We noticed that many people sell Cape Town as a destination, and that’s where it ends. We want to curate your trip from start to finish – helping you achieve your dream trip.

Whether you are a family of 50 or a solo adventurer, we want to talk to you. So drop us an email, give us a call or WhatsApp us. We are here to assist!

"Didn't find what you were looking for? Let us help you find your Perfect Villa"

Ask An Expert


We have backgrounds in sales, marketing, public relations and farming…yes, farming. Our Managing Director, Seth Mckenzie left Mushroom Farming behind to concentrate on Lekker Cape Town. He is originally from Camps Bay and has lots of stories of the good old days. If you love coffee, you should get his advice on where to go for the city’s top coffee spots. He is a trained barista and enjoys long walks in the forest with his best friend and pet pooch Olive.



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